Polyester Fiber
PET fiber for short. It is characterized with solidity and durability, good elasticity, non-easiness to deform, corrosion resistance, insulation, stiffness and smoothness, convenient washing and quick drying, therefore it is widely used in various fields.

The short staple is widely used, and can be woven into fine thread, thread end and hemp rope, and even into fibrous layer in paper-making or felt-weaving. It can also be used for making other materials, and forming composite material together with other materials.

Fine-denier polyester filament and its high grade thin fabrics are softer, smoother and more beautiful than ordinary filament, and its surface style of better gloss, softness and draping is comparable to real silk fabrics and allows for much higher use value and economic value.

Dyeing & printing, which is also called “dyeing and finishing”, is a processing method, or the generic term for dyeing, printing, after-finishing, washing water, etc.

Based on the characteristics and grades of yarns, undertwisted yarns are commonly used to make smooth, glossy or soft and non-glossy fabrics; and while high twist yarns to make fabrics with buckling sense or hard rough surface.